Royalty Free Stock Emoticon Clipart by Yayayoyo

  1. Friendly Yellow Smiley Face Chef Holding a Platter
  2. Happy Yellow Smiley Plumber Holding a Monkey Wrench
  3. Emoticon Zipping His Mouth and Shutting up
  4. Bratty Yellow Emoticon Sticking His Tongue out
  5. Romantic Emoticon with Hearts in His Eyes
  6. Laughing Emoticon
  7. Emoticon Holding a Cup of Coffee
  8. Yellow Emoticons Hugging
  9. Excited Greedy Emoticon with Dollar Symbol Eyes
  10. Yellow Emoticon Gangster Holding a Gun and Smoking a Cigar
  11. Yellow Uncle Sam Smiley Face Pointing, on White
  12. Cute Yellow Smiley Face Holding a Thumb up
  13. Cute Yellow Smiley Face Pirate with a Hook Hand, Sword and Eye Patch
  14. Digital Set of Pissed, Crying, Goofy and Terrified Emoticon Faces
  15. Friendly Yellow Smiley Face Wearing Shades and Gesturing the Hang Loos Sign
  16. Sad Pouting Emoticon
  17. Hungry Emoticon Wearing a Bib and Holding Silverware
  18. Stressed Emoticon Face Screaming
  19. Flying Emoticon Super Hero
  20. Winking Emoticon Cheerleader Girl with Purple Pom Poms
  21. Grinning Emoticon with Lipstick Kisses
  22. Yellow Emoticon Wearing Boxing Gloves
  23. Halloween Emoticon Mummy
  24. Artistic Emoticon Drawing
  25. Yellow Emoticon with a Butt Heart Tattoo
  26. Grinning Emoticon Devil Holding a Trident
  27. Cute Yellow Smiley Face Baby Emoticon with a Pink Pacifier
  28. Happy Yellow Smiley Face Baby Emoticon Sucking Its Thumb
  29. Cute Artist Emoticon Painting and Holding a Palette
  30. Xmas Emoticon Holding a Thumb up
  31. Sick Yellow Emoticon with a Fever
  32. Black and White Sketched Emoticon Faces
  33. Cartoon Depressed Yellow Emoticon
  34. Cheerful Yellow George Washington Smiley Face Holding an American Flag
  35. Grinning Yellow Smiley Face Waving Hello
  36. Smiling Yellow Smiley Face Pointing
  37. Cute Male and Female Emoticon Faces Presenting with Their Hands
  38. Doubtful Emoticon
  39. Smiling Smiley Emoticon
  40. Emoticon Blowing Bubble Gum
  41. Female Shopping Emoticon Holding Bags
  42. Romantic Female Emoticon Giving out a Heart
  43. Waving Emoticon Astronaut in a Helmet
  44. Suicidal Emoticon Holding a Gun to His Temple
  45. Happy Star Emoticon Giving Two Thumbs up
  46. Confused Emoticon Scratching His Head
  47. Laughing Emoticon
  48. Yellow New Year Emoticon Wearing a Party Hat
  49. Happy Emoticon Cheering and Jumping
  50. Emoticons Shaking Hands
  51. Yellow Romantic Emoticon Holding a Heart Balloon
  52. Proud Emoticon Graduate
  53. Photographer Emoticon Snapping Pictures
  54. Nerdy Emoticon Wearing Glasses and Reading a Book
  55. Flasher Emoticon
  56. Winking OK Emoticon Gesturing
  57. Western Cowboy Emoticon Shooting Pistols
  58. Tired Sleeping Yellow Face Emoticon
  59. Yellow Emoticon Looking Through a Magnifying Glass
  60. Smiling Yellow Smiley Face with a Glowing Light and an Idea
  61. Seductive Yellow Smiley Face Girl Blowing a Kiss
  62. Cute Yellow Smiley Face Waving an American Flag
  63. Yellow Emoticon Face Shushing
  64. Police Emoticon Gesturing Stop and Blowing a Whistle
  65. Yellow Rock Star Emoticon
  66. Yellow Emoticon with Dollar Eyes
  67. Emoticon with a Gold Grill Tooth
  68. Digital Set of Baby Yellow Smiley Face Emoticons